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Empire Tents Canvas Tents are manufactured from a very strong canvas based material that allows these tents to be used in just about any weather! Our canvas tents can be used in events such as disaster relief camps and even for general camping. The fabric that these tents are made from helps regulate temperatures, so if it’s hot outside, its cool inside the tent and vice versa.

Some of the more common applications include the likes of military use, with many armies ordering our canvas tents. We can custom make these tents to suit the size required by the armies. We also provide these tents throughout Africa!

A Few of The Wonderful Features Carried by Our Canvas tents

  • These tents contain strong walls that have been developed to minimise the movement of the tent when you are moving about within its walls.
  • Pressure bearing canvas walls that have been developed to minimise the possibility of tears
  • Secure and warm during winter months! Making them ideal for that late night or early morning hunting trips through the wilderness.
  • Our canvas tents are all waterproof and secured with the necessary sealants to ensure a damp free interior
  • Temperature regulating tents that ensure its cool inside when it’s hot outside and warm inside when it’s cold outside
  • Due to the characteristics of these tents, they can be used all year round.
  • They last for years on end, thanks to our expert manufacturing plant that ensures a fully checked and quality guaranteed tent each time around
  • EmpireTents uses the highest of canvas material to manufacture all our Canvas Tents.
  • Canvas tents can be attached to a caravan or camping vehicle. This is a wonderful option for adding space as it acts as an extension. It is especially attractive when camping in the rain as it allows you to enjoy the smell of fresh dewy rain on the grass while still remaining dry.

Empire Tents is a tent manufacturer based in Durban, South Africa, we do however ship our products throughout Africa. We manufacture the best quality canvas tents at the most affordable prices. Our canvas is durable, water resistant, fire retardent and first grade. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff with any queries.



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