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The extravagance of the party or event you plan to throw is often solely dependent on a budget: Obviously, the bigger your budget, the more luxurious your party will be – but, never fear, there are a few sneaky ways to creating a stellar party while on a budget! First and foremost on your list should be where your party will be hosted… for some of the most cost-effective and versatile party tents, Empire Tents is just a call away!

When it comes to party planning, it’s totally fine to spend a little extra on priority items, but beware, because that might not leave much for anything else! Instead, save money on venue hire with our affordable party tents and try some of these budget saving tips:

  1. Keep your invitations simple

Unless it’s a wedding or really formal event, you don’t need to send paper invites! Instead, opt for email invites which can be easily created and gives your guests the option to instantly RSVP! Alternatively, simply create a Facebook group invite if all your guests are on Facebook.

2.  DIY your décor

Instead of buying a chunk of new décor, scour your home or friends for that matter and mix and match items such as bowls, plates and cups for a quirky, vintage feel. Visit a cheap party store and see what you can buy to add flair, without breaking the budget!

3.  Opt for ‘cheap eats’

This doesn’t mean using low-quality food items! It simply means choosing to keep your food more casual versus a sit-down dinner! Think appetisers and finger foods such as meat skewers, canapes, crudité with dips, soup shooters, mini burgers, cheese platters etc. 

4. Reign of alcohol

A party isn’t always complete without alcohol, but this doesn’t mean you need to bust your budget when supplying it! Instead of supplying an entire range of drinks, choose a signature drink or two for the event – such a simple wine spritzer and signature cocktail. Don’t forget about non-drinkers too!

As party tent manufacturers we ensure all our tents are affordable while being manufactured from some of the best quality materials on the market. If you’re looking for party tents for sale, or hire, please contact Empire Tents on 076 335 8053



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