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Planning an event of any size can send even the most ‘zen’, organised person into a frenzy if they have not done their homework and planned properly for the event. To add to this, planning an outdoor event is all the more stressful – because the weather cannot be controlled! In this case, your answer is to select a venue or shelter that will have you and your guests covered come rain, wind, hail or shine! Empire Tents offers shelter for your next outdoor event that is both chic and robust- if you’re looking the ideal frame tent for sale, Empire Tents is your go-to!

Breathe new energy into your next corporate event and choose to host it outdoors – what could be more exciting than getting out of the office to celebrate the upcoming spring and summer months and the fine weather that comes with it? Your guests will thank you! But before sending out your event invites, there are some important aspects to consider in order to host an outdoor event without a hitch…

What to consider when planning an outdoor event

  1. What are your overall objectives?

Do you plan to raise money, celebrate an achievement, host an awards ceremony, host a fundraiser or merely celebrate a birthday? It’s vitally important to determine what your objective is before you begin spending money and deciding who to invite. The objective of your event will also help you to determine your location, event décor, style and other amenities that may be needed.

2. What is your budget?

Determining how much you have to work with from the get-go will help to set up parameters as you plan your event. Some of the most expensive items that eat away into your budget must be factored first, such as venue hire, catering, drinks, service staff and décor. It’s also important to consider whether your budget suits an all-inclusive venue hire or booking or location and support services separately. Explore options thoroughly before committing to a venue or location – one of the most costly aspects of planning any event. For a cost-effective venue for your next outdoor event, Empire Tents offers frame tents for sale at some of the best rates on the market.

3.  Are essential amenities located near your venue?

This is almost as important as selecting your venue – most especially if it’s an outdoor event. Your guests will need access to restrooms and secure parking facilities. When choosing the location of your outdoor event, it’s vital to consider whether your venue offers these basic amenities.

4. Weather considerations

Yes, hosting an outdoor event is about enjoying the beauty of being outdoors and a change of scenery! But don’t be so unprepared that your guests will be left drenched in a spontaneous spring or summer shower. Plan appropriately and ensure you offer your guests some sort of shelter for the worst case scenario!

5.  Plan your facilities

What will you need at your event to ensure your objective is achieved? Consider basic amenities such as appropriate seating, tables and chairs, stages and podiums for speeches and prize-givings, will you need a ramp for handicapped guests and what kind of décor will best tie in with your event’s theme? Do some research on local, cost-effective vendors who can offer you a one-stop-shop service to avoid having to deal with multiple different vendors!

6. Make food and drink a priority

If guests at any event remember anything – it is without-a-doubt, the food and drink! Make sure to take into consideration speciality diets and what kind food will be served –snacks, sit-down meals or a buffet? Spend some time thinking about what your guests would prefer and what would ultimately be easier and more cost-effective, yet still memorable for your event.

Planning an event does not have to be stressful with the right vendors! Empire Tents are one of South Africa’s top frame tent manufacturers and frame tent suppliers and offer a cost-effective, one-stop-shop service for your next outdoor event.


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