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There’s something indescribable about an outdoor wedding: the unparalleled beauty of an ocean shore, a romantic botanical garden or the warm familiarity of your own backyard. However, as gorgeous as these weddings are, there is also a significant amount of work and effort that goes into planning an outdoor celebration. From the lighting to the menu, here’s how to pull off a flawless tented reception.

Outdoor shelter

Frame tents can be pitched just about anywhere and can be set up in one in your favorite park or even outside a gorgeous mansion or estate, if that’s the venue you choose. Whether you’re going for formal or casual, tents come in all shapes, sizes and materials. It is important to figure out what style fits your vision (and the venue’s spatial constraints). And make sure you choose a tent that works on your surface—pavement, grass, sand and so on.

And don’t forget to weatherproof it. For a summer wedding, bring in fans and portable air conditioning units, and keep guests warm in chillier months with tall patio or propane heaters. You may also want to add floor surfaces (to correct uneven ground) and wall panels (to protect against wind or rain).

Frame tents are the best and most affordable type of tent for an outdoor wedding and using a frame tent for your outdoor wedding is practical and beautiful. The sky is also the limit for decor options with a tent that is as spacious as a frame tent. The lack of poles inside the tent leaves the floor open for you to choose your best floor plan without restrictions. Frame tents are free standing tents and do not even need ropes, therefore, they can also be erected next to a building or another tent to extend your space.

Think about the extras

Since frame tents are virtually a blank canvas, you’ll more than likely need to bring in some extra touches to finish the look of your outdoor wedding. Luckily, there are tons of rental design options available—textured curtains and tiebacks, funky chandeliers and colourful cushions. Decide what elements are most important to you and then figure out how to fit the items at the top of your list and into your budget.

Remember to find out the return policy for each rental vendor you work with. For example, companies sometimes require that votives and glassware be cleaned and boxed before being taken back (fines can be added if directions aren’t followed). Make an organized plan with your wedding coordinator or maid of honour to decide who will be responsible for taking care of this—then be sure to work it into the day’s schedule.

Also, reserve the site for your wedding day as well as the morning after. (Find out if the venue offers a package deal or how much each additional hour will cost.) With tent and rental setup, not to mention flowers and décor, your team will need extra time to set up—and tear down—the site.

Transform the venue into a comfortable space

Whether you’ve chosen a rustic spot in the countryside, a small backyard wedding or a grand, grassy lawn, make it more inviting and comfortable with lounge furniture and lots of pillows. If you don’t have room to bring in couches and plush chairs, arrange your dining area with smaller 4-person reception tables instead of larger 8 or 10 person tables to create a more intimate look and feel.

And of course, have fun with the decorating. Drape fabric from the frame tent’s ceiling to soften the space or hang pomanders from the frame’s cross sections. Add other details to welcome guests and enhance your wedding’s unique design. After all, the more you bring into your tent, the warmer and cosier it will feel.

Set the mood with perfect lighting

To set the mood (and help guests see each other), add things like paper lanterns, twinkling fairy lights or stately chandeliers. Light up surrounded walkways for easy access to the bathrooms, small up-lights along the paths, and mason jars or tea lights hanging from nearby tree branches will be perfect.

Something you may not have thought of? You’ll want to have an electrician check out the space before lighting up your frame tent. Not only will they be able to make sure you pass all the proper inspection laws, but they should also be able to make recommendations as to whether you’ll need to rent an extra generator and how to safely secure your lighting fixtures. No one wants a blackout during their wedding reception. You may even want to keep a lighting pro (who has wedding experience) on hand to ensure everything stays in place—and lit up—all evening to keep the festivities going into the night.

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