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Looking to host a flawless winter event? There are a number of factors to consider when hosting your event outdoors – the number one of which is, what will you use for shelter? Once your venue has been secured, other important considerations include the likes of décor, food, drinks, parking availability for your guests, and, of course, the entertainment. Hiring one of our stretch tents and the amenities provided with it is a good place to start when creating the perfect winter event, but what about the rest?

Here are some of our top winter event tips to consider:

  • Location

As we mentioned, hosting your event outdoors this winter will be all about your shelter and how to keep your guest shielded from the elements. Our beautifully unique stretch tents are the best way to make a statement, create a festive and modern atmosphere while keeping your guest covered and cosy with their completely water-resistant fabric.

  • Guest comfort

Other than securing your guests under a unique and sturdy shelter, such as our stretch tents offer, the comfort of your guest is key in the cooler weather. Consider laying out blankets, hiring standing heaters and ensuring your guest are well fed!

  • Decorate for the season

Draw inspiration from the South African winter season and decorate your winter event accordingly. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with fairy lights strung throughout your stretch tent, storm lanterns dotted around, furry blankets, fluffy cushions, candlelight and plenty of rich, earthy tones.

What are the pros to hiring an Empire Stretch Tent for your event?

Our tents are ideal for outdoor functions as they are crafted with the elements in mind. They are 100% waterproof, water repellent, fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-fungal protected. Additionally, the fabric is extra resilient and made for long-lasting use.

Stretch tents will also perfectly suit your budget as they are less expensive than peg and pole tents and set up much quicker than traditional marquee tents. Finally, they also absorb sound while the material fabric of the tent makes them far less ‘stuffy’ than other tent types.

Get in touch with Empire Tents for stretch tents for sale or to hire when looking to host a winter-inspired event to remember!


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