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Are you in need of a mobile freezer or refrigerated chiller to expand your business or for your own personal use? At Empire Tents, we manufacture mobile chillers and mobile freezers that are extremely popular and useful for special events, catering services, and personal use.

Empire Tents manufactures mobile chillers and mobile freezers that are built with the highest quality insulated panels and are built around a steel chassis fitted with a high-quality blower and condenser unit. Mobile chillers and freezers are an extremely reliable, easy and convenient transport solution. They allow you to have peace of mind when storing food, beverages, ice, ice cream, etc. without having the stress. This is advantageous for large quantities of food storage as you can be ensured that the goods will never be damaged or spoiled whilst being transported.

There are various uses for mobile chillers and mobile freezers. Our mobile chillers are used by florists, wedding planners, event caterers, hotels, restaurants, butchers, farmers markets and various types of festivals. A busy florist can definitely use the extra refrigerated space to transport flowers to a wedding venue and a caterer will surely need a mobile chiller to transport their food and beverages to an event.

Our Chillers and Freezers are the perfect choice for the following applications:

  • Chiller or Freezer hire business
  • Weddings and catering
  • Funerals
  • Hunting purposes
  • Ice cube storage
  • Meat/poultry and fish storage and transport
  • Traditional ceremonies


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If you are looking for a mobile chiller or mobile freezer for your personal use, why not turn it into an opportunity to earn a little extra money on the side? Your new mobile chillers can be hired out during busy festive periods and holiday periods when customers are in need of extra freezer or chiller space. Sometimes, an extra fridge and freezer space are needed before the actual event as well. The trend to host pre-wedding functions at home makes food and beverage storage a challenge. If you are expecting 300 guests in your back yard or at a local botanical garden you will need to store all the food and drinks in a place that prevents it from getting spoiled. This is why mobile chillers and mobile freezers are ideal, their convenience and portability is ideal and reliable for all types of events.

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