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Pagoda tents are a popular venue choice when it comes to planning a wedding or function. Imagine setting up your moveable venue just about anywhere. On a golf course, next to a castle-type structure on the lawn or adjacent to a hall. You can have all this when you purchase one of Empire Tent’s quality range tents.

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Uses for pagoda tents

  • Corporate event
  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Conference
  • Sporting events

Why should you purchase a pagoda tent ?

  • Gives your event appeal and looks attractive with its peak roof.
  • Sidewalls of the tent can be fitted with windows.
  • Plenty options for décor and setup as the entire interior is open.
  • Can be linked to another tent with ease.
  • Artificial flooring can be used to enhance the venue.
  • Easy to assemble and transport.

Empire Tents have pagoda tents for sale in a range of sizes. You are guaranteed a high-quality tent that’s manufactured using proper material that will last. These lightweight structures offer secure and sturdy installation. Your venue won’t just blow away at the slightest wind.

As a pagoda tents manufacturer, we recommend you use a pagoda tents because it can be fitted with accessories and no exterior ropes are required when setting up. You are guaranteed a tent that’s been built and designed with the latest technologies. We don’t under deliver on quality, but rather exceed expectations when it comes to giving customers a state-of-the-art product.

Pagoda tents are good for bad weather

Rain starts to fall and you think it’s the worst thing that could happen. Don’t worry, just pull down the sides and enjoy your event. The venue will be warm and cosy. Nobody will be leaving in a hurry.
For all your “tenting” needs, give Empire Tents a call now. Superior quality tents that won’t disappoint.

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