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Our  Empire Stretch-Tents are built to be used as Wedding Tents, Party Tents or Church Tents.

They can also be used for storage, exhibitions, and corporate events. These tents are 100% waterproof, water repellent, fire retardant, UV resistant and antifungal protected. Stretch tent structures are unique, quick and flexible to erect. Stretch tents are designed to suit your event and making it a memorable one. Empire Tents’ stretch tents can be made for permanent or semi-permanent use. We have a range of colours available to choose from.

Stretch Tents for Sale in South Africa

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Nowadays many people around the world are choosing to plan their weddings and special events outdoors. Using stretch tents will go a long way in creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests on those warm summer nights under the stars, extending the use of your venue and turning an otherwise formal event into something fun. We distribute tents throughout Africa. The latest technologies are used to give you a tent you can rely on for your own business or personal use. With a high standard of workmanship as our benchmark, we are here to bring you event satisfaction time and time again.

Customer base:

  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Nigeria
  • Algeria
  • Swaziland
  • Uganda
  • Lesotho
  • Seychelles
  • Zambia
  • Mozambique

Where can I use this tent?

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Parties

Seven pros for using stretch tents

  • These tents are waterproof and water resistant. Bad weather will not be spoiling the event.
  • Strong fabric, makes for long-lasting use.
  • Less expensive than peg and pole tents.
  • Set up quicker than large marquees.
  • Absorbs sound and material fabric makes the tent less ‘stuffy’.
  • Break down to a small storage bag. This makes transporting the tent easy.
  • Up to 5 people can rig up the tent.

Getting married and want an exotic feel to your special day? These magnificent wedding venues are adaptable and can be maneuvered however you want to set up your ceremony or reception. We have stretch tents for sale in a wide variety of colours that will turn your wedding into a dream.

As a stretch tents manufacturer, we strive to give customers a product that suits all your function planning needs. We offer high-quality product at a reasonable price.

As in the above photograph, rig your stretch tent off of an existing building. To protect against weather, just let down one or even all sides down for comfort.
Don’t wait on finding the perfect venue, Empire Tents has just the solution. Host it in style with one of our superb manufactured tents.

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