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Empire Tents is a leading manufacturer of tents in South Africa and globally. We have a number of function tents for sale. Our tents are manufactured with the best canvas, PVC and stable aluminium frames. Empire Tents have over 20 years of experience manufacturing high quality tents. Our tents have become so popular that we now supply Nigeria, Angola, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Algeria and the Seychelles. We offer value for money as we supply the best quality tents at the most affordable price. Our tents are produced to cater for small or large events. Most of our tents are perfect as a wedding tent or for any other event. Empire Tents can be customized according to your needs. We have a number of tents to choose from.

Alpine Tents have become a popular choice because they add a touch of glamour and class to most events. Recently, we have received more requests to manufacture Alpine Tents as they have become very popular in the hospitality industry. They are beautiful structures that are most commonly used for large events like exhibitions, corporate functions, festivals or religious events. These marquees look impressive when erected. You have probably been inside an Alpine Tent if you have attended a large outdoor party or function. It is called an Alpine Tent because the peaks of the roof look like beautiful snow capped mountains. The peaks are designed to ensure the tent is stable, so it is the best tent to be under during a wind or rainstorm. These luxury tents are more structured than the traditional peg and pole tent and are best suited for large events.

Aluminium Frame Tents are structured tents and are perfect for festivals, exhibitions and large corporate events as well.

Empire Tents also manufactures top-quality canvas tents which are best used for camping, temporary disaster relief and for housing refugees. We also manufacture military tents which are bigger than our canvas tents and are suitable for any climate. They are waterproof, dustproof and stretchable. These tents are ideal for a climate like South Africa and can also be used by the military, for camping and for refugee housing.

Our Stretch Tents are best utilized in areas where pitching a tent may be problematic. These are ideal on rough terrain, the beach or any other area that a traditional tent cannot be erected on. The stretch tents are unique, flexible and easy to set up. They can be stretched into any shape, attached to the side of buildings and used to extend indoor seating. This tent is also very easy to transport as it breaks down into a small storage bag. The fabric is waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant. This is the perfect tent to choose for an outdoor wedding or party.

In addition to these tents we offer the traditional Peg and Pole Tent and Pagoda Tents. All our tents can be customized according to size and colour. We also offer customized branding on your tent.

Empire Tents also supplies other items to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our Cargo Trailers are perfect for transporting our tents. We manufacture Mobile chillers and Freezers which are essential for keeping your food and beverages cool. These can be used for weddings, parties, hunting, traditional ceremonies and cold chain transportation for any function. There are also gas stoves available so your meals can be freshly prepared at your function or party. Empire Tents have a number of other specialized products which can be used at your event. We manufacture and provide draping fabric, chair covers, tables, mobile flooring, dance floors, carpets, fairy lights, stages and mobile air conditioners to the hospitality industry. We also offer beautiful Tiffany Chairs which are available in black, silver, gold or clear resin. Our Wimbledon Chairs also look quite attractive at an outdoor function.

Here at Empire Tents we are passionate about quality and service. We are committed to a good work ethic and providing the best workmanship on all our tents and specialized products. Our quality control measures are stringent and we ensure only the best quality materials are used in our products. Our tents have travelled the world and we retain consistent customer satisfaction. We guarantee the perfect tent for any event, party or wedding.

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