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You’re planning the event of the year and just can’t seem to find the right supplier. Well, let Empire Tents, leading tents manufacturers in Botswana, provide you with a tent that will exceed your expectations. Our company supplies a range of different tents for corporate events, weddings, product launches and parties.


Benefits of using tents for functions:

  • Tents are versatile and can be used for a variety of different events.
  • Tents can be set up anywhere, including paved areas, roadside, sports fields and areas where there are slopes.
  • Tents can be erected with side covers (winter) and be left open for hot summer days, so your guests won’t be as affected by warm weather as opposed to being in a built-up room.
  • Décor is not restricted as you can choose your own and not worry about what a venue may supply you with.


Stretch tents manufacturers Botswana

  • Stretch tents can be set up anywhere. From large events, weddings and festivals, they are less expensive than a peg and pole tent.
  • Stretch tents are waterproof, UV resistant and fire resistant. This means the tent can withstand just about any weather.


Pagoda tents manufacturers Botswana

Pagoda tents can be used for a wide range of functions, including weddings or parties. These tents are easy to set up and 100% waterproof. Pagoda tents give a feeling of elegance to an event.


Canvas tents manufacturers Botswana

Empire Tents is a reputable tent suppliers Botswana can purchase from for any canvas tent requirements.


What are canvas tents used for?

  • Relief and emergency shelters
  • Camping
  • Military operations


Peg and pole tents manufacturers

If you’re looking for something fancy, then a peg and pole tent is just the tent for you. These tents are used for weddings and functions. So whether it’s a perfect summer, autumn or spring affair or a large business gathering, use an Empire Tents peg and pole tent.


Aluminium tent manufacturers Botswana

These tents are popular and can be used for weddings and events.


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