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Empire Tents has over 18 years’ of experience in providing tents to Nigerian companies and officials. They have used Empire Tents to help enhance their businesses. When it comes to tents, Empire Tents prides itself on offering durable tents that not only ‘just do the job’, but rather exceed the expectations of the person using the tent, no matter what the event.


Alpine tents for sale Nigeria

Alpine tents will give your event visual appeal. These tents are more stable than a traditional tent and create a feeling of style and elegance to a wedding, exhibition or corporate event. Empire Tents has positioned itself as tent suppliers Nigeria can count on.


Stretch tents for sale Nigeria

Stretch tents can be set up anywhere. From large events, weddings and festivals, they are less expensive than a peg and pole tent. These tents are waterproof, UV resistant and fire resistant. This means the tent can withstand just about any weather. You can use a stretch tent for large or small weddings. It creates a feeling of style and elegance. In warm months, these tents are perfect for an outdoor function.

If you’re looking for a reputable tent supplier that Nigerian event planner’s use, then give us a call now!


Why use an aluminium tent?

These stylish tents are ideal for weddings and events. Aluminum tents can even be used as storage facilities.


Peg and Pole Tents for sale Nigeria

If you’re looking for something fancy, then a peg and pole tent is just the tent for you. These tents are used for weddings and functions. So whether it’s a perfect summer, autumn or spring affair or a large business gathering, use an Empire Tents peg and pole tent.


  • Peg and pole tents don’t limit the number of guests
  • These tents are spacious and are also ideal for large gatherings.


As a leading tent manufacturer Nigerian companies use, call us now for your tent requirement. What tent are you using for your big function?







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