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Are you looking for a tent to purchase? Well, Empire Tents has over 18 years’ experience in providing tents for sale in Swaziland which businesses are using to host events and plan special functions. We have a range of tents that are made from top quality materials. Our tents can withstand any weather elements and won’t break down after just a few months use.


Why use a tent for your event?

You can set up tents at any location. From a large ground on a farm, sports field or in the garden. It’s simply the best kind of venue for weddings, parties, corporate business launches and banquets. Options are endless, as you are not limited in space.


Stretch tents for sale Swaziland

Ladies, are you looking for a tent to create the perfect venue for your fairytale wedding? Then look no further. We can help you.
Stretch tents can be set up anywhere. From large events, weddings and festivals, they are less expensive than a peg and pole tent. These tents are waterproof, UV resistant and fire resistant. This means the tent can withstand just about any weather. You can use a stretch tent for large or small weddings. It creates a feeling of style and elegance. In warm months, these tents are perfect for an outdoor function.
If you’re looking for a reputable tent supplier Swaziland function planners use, give us a call now. We have the perfect tent for your purpose.


Pagoda tents for sale Swaziland

Purchase a pagoda tent for all your outdoor functions. These tents are easy to install and look stylish and neat. Pagoda tents can be used for weddings or functions.


Alpine tents for sale Swaziland

Alpine tents Alpine tents have an advantage over peg and pole tents. These tents have an even and constant tension on the roof of the tent unlike your traditional marquee or peg and pole tent. Alpine tents can be set up on any surface.


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