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Looking for the ultimate venue to host an end-of-year function? Look no further than Empire Tents, offering a range of tents for sale or for hire for the ideal function venue.

We are true experts in the field of tent manufacturing, having been in business since 1998.

Today, Empire Tents operates nationwide and throughout a number of regions across the African continent.

We manufacture and sell tents to a number of neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Swaziland, Uganda, Lesotho, Zambia, the Seychelles and Mozambique.

With close to 20 years of business operation, we consider ourselves one of the best tent manufacturers in the country, with an incredible range of tents for sale to suit any occasion.

Our business began from humble beginnings but has gone on to establish itself as a respected supplier of tents for sale or for hire throughout South Africa.

As a manufacturer and supplier on an international scale, we offer a variety of tents to suit each and every occasion.

Our business has grown in leaps and bounds from a small factory start-up, to a fully-equipped factory, catering to orders of every size.

A Top Supplier of Tents for Sale

At Empire Tents we believe our business has filled a very obvious gap in the market, where there was a need for affordable tents, to suit a number of occasions.

We have pursued the business of being a highly reputable, reliable and affordable tent manufacturer within South Africa and across the continent.

Today, our business offers a large range of tents for sale, including:

As well as a variety of event add-ons, including the likes of mobile freezers and chillers, mobile toilets, draping, lighting, staging, tables and chairs and more.

Why choose Empire Tents?

What sets us apart from every other tent manufacturer in South Africa?

At Empire Tents we make it our mission to only use the highest quality products on the market in the manufacturing of all our tents for sale.

We only use premium tent fabric which is 100% all-weather proof, long-lasting and always makes for an elegant end-product.

Additionally, our tent prices are virtually unbeatable, offering some of the most affordable rates on tents for sale in today’s market.

The Empire Tents Product

Our business fully understands the rigorous demands of the industry and we always do our utmost best to develop all our tents and add-on products to meet these particular standards.

All research, manufacturing, development, conception, design, testing and quality control takes place in our factory in Durban.

We strive to ensure that we supply our customers with the best possible tents for sale or for hire on the market.

So why choose Empire Tents as your event venue supplier?

Anything is possible when it comes to purchasing our tents for sale!

All our tent varieties cater for both small and large events, while the possibilities for layout and set-up are endless.

Just some of the top characteristics include: 

  • Our tents are stable, robust and can be used over a large surface area
  • Some tent varieties have no centre poles, therefore the layout of your interior can flow with ease
  • Our tents for sale can be erected anywhere and won’t damage the ground surface
  • Out tents are lightweight and easy to erect
  • They are fully waterproof and fire resistant

Additionally, our fully capable team are on-hand to assist with the assembling and disassembling of each structure.

We also supply add-ons to add extra charisma and style to your event.

These add-ons include décor and accessories, flooring, staging, draping, fairly lights and portable toilets and freezers. We supply it all!

Our range of tents for sale are most commonly used for:

  • Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • Church gatherings
  • Corporate and government events
  • Fashion shows and modelling contests
  • Large birthday or anniversary functions

Plan an Unforgettable End-of-Year Event

What could be more relaxing than getting out of the office to celebrate the upcoming summer months and the festive season ahead?

This time of year brings with it fine weather, so why not make the most of it? Plan your end-of-year event outdoors with Empire Tents and our range of tents for sale or for hire.

Before sending out your event invites, here some top tips to planning your next corporate event, ensuring things go off without a hitch!

Things to Consider When an End-of-Year Event

  1. Establish your Function Objectives

During the course of your end-of-year function do you plan on raising money, celebrating an achievement, or perhaps hosting an awards ceremony?

It’s vitally important to determine what your objective is before you begin spending money and deciding on your guest list.

Additional objectives of your event should also be to determine your venue, event décor and style and other amenities that may be needed.

  1. Establish a Budget

Establishing how much you have to work with from the beginning will help set up parameters as you plan your event.

Take into account some of the most expensive items which will dig into your budget first, such as venue hire, catering, drinks, service staff and décor.

It’s also important to consider whether your budget suits an all-inclusive venue hire, or booking your location and support services separately.

Explore options thoroughly before committing to a venue or location!

For a cost-effective venue solution for your next outdoor event, Empire Tents offers a range of tents for sale at some of the best rates on the market.

  1. Consider Important Amenities

This is almost as important as selecting your venue, most especially if it’s an outdoor event.

Your guests will need access to restrooms and secure parking facilities.

When choosing the location of your outdoor event, it’s important to consider whether you will have access to these important essentials.

Weather considerations

Yes, hosting an outdoor event is about a change of scenery and unwinding in a beautiful environment.

But make sure you are prepared for those spontaneous summer showers!

Plan appropriately and ensure all your guests are offered some sort of shelter for the worst case scenario.

  1. Plan your facilities

What will you need at your event to ensure your objective is achieved?

Consider basic amenities such as appropriate seating, tables and chairs and stages and podiums for speeches and prize-givings.

Will you need a ramp for handicapped guests and what kind of décor will best tie in with your event’s theme?

Do some research on local, cost-effective vendors who can offer you a one-stop-shop service.

  1. Make food and drink a priority

A number one priority for guests at any event? Food and drink!

Make sure to take into consideration speciality diets and what kind food will be served.

Would your guests prefer snacks, a sit-down meal or a buffet?

Spend some time thinking about what your guests would prefer and what would ultimately be easier and more cost-effective.

Plan your Event with Empire Tents

Take the stress out of planning your end-of-year event with Empire Tents!

We are one of South Africa’s top tent manufacturers and offer a cost-effective service and range of tents for sale, ideal for your next outdoor event.

Get in touch with us on 087 724 8092 to place your order today!

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