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If you’re the proud owner of one of our church tents or if you’re contemplating gospel or pole tents then you’re probably used to or looking forward to the convenience of knowing that shelter for your next church gathering is taken care off. You won’t have to worry about your church location catering to only a limited amount of people or having to be concerned with moving the furniture at your church. We know how important church gatherings are and we’re always eager to assist in making sure your tent is one less thing to worry about.

Church gatherings can be a fun and unique way to engage the congregation in an event with the correct planning, it can be a memorable event. With so much to consider and lots of logistics to take care off, we’re excited to make your next church event a smoothly run one.  In this article, we’ll be exploring how to successfully plan a church event.

First and foremost, before you begin sending out invites you will need to plan the initial goal of your event first. You should be able to ask yourself whether the aim of this event is to provide fellowship, for community outreach or whether it is a fundraiser to raise money for a worthy cause?  Depending on the type of event, your planning process can vary. It’s important that you and your planning committee understand the motivation behind the event.

Next, you should focus on the budget, how much money will be made at the event if it is a fundraiser or how much money would the church be allocated if it is strictly an opportunity to  give back to the local community. Your budget should allocate for things like food, entertainment, equipment rental and supplies as well as marketing materials. Each of these things should be considered carefully in the budget. If you’re renting a location, you will have to factor in this cost above all of your other costs,

A theme can be a fun way to determine the tone and aspects of the event such as decorations, food and atmosphere, even the music played at the event. for example, a mexican theme could mean mexican decorations such as cactuses, sombreros and mexican music such as popular spanish songs as well as tacos. We also supply mobile chillers/freezers as well as décor accessories such as draping, flooring, stages and fairy lights for your event.

The next thing to consider is church event marketing. You want the event to be a success and high attendance is the perfect indicator of this. One way to ensure high attendance is to make sure the word about the event gets out well in advance and that people are allowed to get excited about the event, this can only happen if they are aware of it. It’s important to create a marketing plan that works for your event.

Then you can decide on everyone’s favourite part, the food. Food is often the highlight of an event and you can help create a memorable experience for your guests. You can then organise each job to specific individuals and be on your way to creating a memorable event for you and your guests.

Next and probably the most fun, if you’re using one of our church tents, or if you’re looking for a church tent for sale than you’re probably having an outdoor event which means that you can expand the list of activities your guests can do. You can plan a treasure hunt, an outdoor sports game or even a fun game show in or out of the tent. It’s best to lay down a plan of action and since our tents provide a great shelter you can still have a great event if the weather doesn’t come through as sunny as you hoped.

We have a wide range of tents to choose from; some include; our church frame tent, which can be erected on a hard surface without damaging the ground area and are perfect for group gatherings with their sturdy frames. It does not have a centre pole which allows a free moving setup and has beautiful window panels, we also have church stretch tents which are ideal for church gatherings and are quick and simple to assemble. The church stretch tent is one of our most popular tents for outdoor events. Our peg and pole tents are more the traditional marquee and has little restriction on the amount of people it can cater for.

We hope you make the wise investment by purchasing a high quality tent that will keep you and your church goers happy for many events to come and if you’re looking for tents for sale then remember to call us for all your tent needs on 0877248092. We look forward to hearing from you.

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